All recordings produced by Sonny Bono and arranged by Harold Battiste, Jr., with French and/or Italian vocals overdubbed on original monaural 45 track mixes.



Atco 7 (France 45) SONNY: "The Revolution Kind" (English vocal) / SONNY & CHER "Je M'en Balance (Car Je T'aime)"*

Atco 108 (France EP) SONNY & CHER: "Je M'en Balance" + 3 (in English)

French lyrics "Je M'en Balance": Ahmet Ertegun


Atco 117x (Canada 45) SONNY& CHER": "Petit Homme" / "Mais Tu Es A Moi"

* "Je M'en Balance" is a hybrid of "Mais Tu Es A Moi", using Sonny's English "But You're Mine" vocals


Atco 117 (France EP) "Petit Homme" + 3 in English

French lyrics "Petit Homme": Michel Tattinger

Alternative French lyric "Les Enfants Qui Jouent" (as by Erick Saint-Laurent): Pierre Saka & Monty


See HERE for Sonny & Cher LPs featuring "Je M'en Balance" and "Petit Homme"





Atlantic 90195 (Italy 45) SONNY & CHER: "Little Man (versione Italiana)" / "Set Me Free"

Drum and mandolin opening edited from this track.

Italian lyrics "Little Man" aka "Piccolo Ragazzo": Mogol

Atlantic 90196 (Italy 45) SONNY & CHER: "Il Cammino di Ogni Speranza"* / "L'umanita"*

Atlantic Hispavox 156 (Spain) as above

* non- Sonny Bono compositions


Atlantic 02005 (Italy 45) SONNY & CHER: "Caro Cara (It's The Little Thing(s)" / "Fantasie (Don't Talk To Strangers)"

Italian lyrics both sides: Mogol


(A) Liberty 12049 (Italy 45) CHER: "Ma Piano (Per Non Svegliarmi)" */ "Nel Mio Cielo Ci Sei Tu (Magic In The Air)"

(B) Liberty LBLP 902 (Italy LP. 1967) contains the above tracks.

* Cher's solo entry in San Remo "67

Italian lyrics "Nel Mio Cielo Ci Sei Tu" Alberto Testa

Liberty 9016 (Italy 45) CHER: "Mama (versione Italiana)" / "Behind The Door" (in English)

Italian lyrics "Mama": Paolo Dossena


Liberty 9022 (Italy 45) CHER: ""The Click Song Number One" / Bambini Miei Cari (You Better Sit Down Kids"

Italian Lyrics "Bambini Miei Cari": Federico Monti Arduini