All recordings produced by Sonny Bono and arranged by Harold Battiste, Jr., with French and/or Italian vocals overdubbed on original monaural 45 track mixes.



Atco 7 (France 45) SONNY: "The Revolution Kind" (English vocal) / SONNY & CHER "Je M'en Balance (Car Je T'aime)"*

Atco 108 (France EP) SONNY & CHER: "Je M'en Balance" + 3 (in English)

French lyrics "Je M'en Balance": Ahmet Ertegun


Atco 117x (Canada 45) SONNY& CHER": "Petit Homme" / "Mais Tu Es A Moi"

* "Je M'en Balance" is a hybrid of "Mais Tu Es A Moi", using Sonny's English "But You're Mine" vocals


Atco 117 (France EP) "Petit Homme" + 3 in English

French lyrics "Petit Homme": Michel Tattinger

Alternative French lyric "Les Enfants Qui Jouent" (as by Erick Saint-Laurent): Pierre Saka & Monty


See HERE for Sonny & Cher LPs featuring "Je M'en Balance" and "Petit Homme"





Atlantic 90195 (Italy 45) SONNY & CHER: "Little Man (versione Italiana)" / "Set Me Free"

Drum and mandolin opening edited from this track.

Italian lyrics "Little Man" aka "Piccolo Ragazzo": Mogol


Atlantic 90196 (Italy 45) SONNY & CHER: "Il Cammino di Ogni Speranza"* / "L'umanita"*

Atlantic Hispavox 156 (Spain) as above

* non- Sonny Bono compositions


Atlantic 02005 (Italy 45) SONNY & CHER: "Caro Cara (It's The Little Thing(s)" / "Fantasie (Don't Talk To Strangers)"

Italian lyrics both sides: Mogol


(A) Liberty 12049 (Italy 45) CHER: "Ma Piano (Per Non Svegliarmi)" / "Nel Mio Cielo Ci Sei Tu (Magic In The Air)"

(B) Liberty LBLP 902 (Italy LP. 1967) contains the above tracks.

Italian lyrics "Nel Mio Cielo Ci Sei Tu" Alberto Testa

Liberty 9016 (Italy 45) CHER: "Mama (versione Italiana)" / "Behind The Door" (in English)

Italian lyrics "Mama": Paolo Dossena


Liberty 9022 (Italy 45) CHER: ""The Click Song Number One" / Bambini Miei Cari (You Better Sit Down Kids"

Italian Lyrics "Bambini Miei Cari": Federico Monti Arduini